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Expert Dash Cam Installation Service in Birmingham

If you are in need of a Reliable Professional and Efficient Dash Cam Service in the Midlands & Birmingham areas to help with your vehicle Dash Cam Hardwired Installation, then CN Birmingham is the right choice for you. ************************************************* We install many different brands of Dash Cam with …

Cost Effective Solutions

Mobile Dash Cam Fitting Service, Home or Business, Available

Dash Cams keep a video record of any incidents that might happen on the road. That means that if something were to happen, you'd have video evidence to back up your version of events. Because of this, they can …

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  • Free consultation
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  • Wheelchair accessible
  • By appointment only
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Quality Installs
  • Through our Hardwire Installation


Highlighted Products

Highlighted Products

Front Dashcam From

"Like this front dashcam, you’re one of a kind. This is why our products are all first-class, manufactured at high-quality standards. We …

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Front & Rear Dashcam From

"Front and rear dashcam is produced for everyone and anyone, and some are produced as if they were just for you. This is the latter - …

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Reverse Light Activation

Camera screen changes to rear view automatically, once selecting the Reverse Gear, this help with parking.

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Hardwired Kits From

Hardwire Kit Mini USB £25

Nextbase Kits From £30

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Our Areas Of Expertise

Dash Car Services

Dash Car Services

Fit and Install - Front Camera Only

Single Fitting Installations Camera Example, Nextbase Series, 122,222, WiFi Series, 312,412,512

Garmin, Transcend, Apeman, 

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Fit and Install - Front & Rear Camera

Example Installations Nextbase 322,422,522,622 GW Series Front and Rear

HARDWIRED, Ignition On Off , Free up your Cigarette Lighter

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Reverse Light Activation

Some Camera Come with Reversing Aid Features, Which Once Connected, Allows You See The Rear View When Selecting The Reverse 

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