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  Mobile Dash Cam Fitting Service, Home or Business, Available

Dash Cams keep a video record of any incidents that might happen on the road. That means that if something were to happen, you'd have video evidence to back up your version of events. Because of this, they can even be used to lower your insurance premium!

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Dash Cam Fitting at CNB - Hardwired
Normally, your Dash Cam is plugged into the cigarette lighter for power. By getting it permanently Hardwired installed,by our professional fitters, the power cable will be neatly hidden behind the Dashboard and hard wired to your car's ignition - freeing up your cigarette lighter for any other gadgets!

Why Should I Get My Dash Cam Professionally Fitted?
There are a few reasons to get your Dash Cam installed:

Always on - your Dash Cam will turn on when you turn on the ignition, and turn off when you turn the engine off, meaning that you're always recording in case something happens out on the road.

Neater - there's no cable hanging over your car's dashboard and getting in your way.

Keeps your cigarette lighter free - perfect for using other gadgets.


We Only Sell Branded Quality Not The Cheap Stuff.

Front rom £120- Front & Rear From £165
If you supply your own kit, we can fit and install Prices -

£55 Front DashCam, Front & Rear DashCam £75

Plus Reverse Light Activation Additional From £45
Hardwire Kits £25

Additional connectivity maybe required depending on individual car complexity's , additional charges maybe applicable if the fuses are located at the rear of the car.

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